Hi, I'm Dara. 

Pretty Flower

I'm on a mission to help women not simply get through their empty nest transition, but to use this period as a time to find out even more wonderful things about themselves and their value to the world. 

I spent more than 15 years advising and raising millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations as a partner in a consulting firm, before starting my own business coaching women through life and career transitions in 2012.

Over the years, I've helped thousands of women recognize the worth of their experiences, talents and skills, and leverage that to feel a greater sense of joy, meaning and confidence in their lives, while also staying true to their forever-role as parents.

Dara Goldberg
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Pretty Flower

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’ve been through my fair share (or perhaps more than my fair share) of life transitions... both positive and negative, chosen and not. 

From my mother passing away when I was ten, to a major career pivot in my early forties, to becoming a full-time stepmother to my husband’s two daughters, to preparing for them to leave home…

… I’ve gone through experiences that have taught me to recognize that with every end comes a kind of new beginning.

It’s up to us to own those moments of change and shape them to create the paths forward that we want.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to feel easy or comfortable.

And for too many women, when a big change happens or our sense of meaning and purpose shifts for whatever reason, we’re all too quick to doubt our worth, feel ashamed and confused, and 
fear what’s happening.

Dara's Story

When in truth, those turbulent emotions are part and parcel of periods of enormous growth. 

Part of managing the empty-nest transition is allowing yourself to feel the completely
natural and normal pain of your kids not being around 24/7, and managing those emotions so that you bring light back into your day-to-day life and mood.

But another part of it is reigniting a
spark of excitement about what this moment of tremendous change in your life could hold for you, moving forward.

I’m here to help you manage that pain, reignite that excitement, and guide you to take positive action.

To talk about how I can help with
your empty nest transition, get in touch so we can chat through everything together.


7 Fun Facts About Me:

Pretty Flower 

1. I have a love/hate relationship with risk-taking: I freak when my husband goes back-country skiing (and, even more, when he reads his phone while crossing the street!), but I didn’t think twice when I was given an almost-impossible challenge to help start-up a consulting firm when I was a young punk in my twenties (thankfully, it was a success!)

2. The best decision I have ever made was to become a full-time step-mother to my husband’s daughters when they were 4 and 5 yrs old. They’re now 17 and 18, and shockingly, we all still like each other ;-)

3. As a kid, you could find me rescuing worms and any other needy creatures in my backyard (whether they wanted to be rescued or not!). My drive to help others led to me be a pre-med major for about 10 minutes in college - until the blood and guts (and my ineptitude in the sciences) put me off!

4. I live in the heart of Philadelphia and visit BYOBs with my husband (and our dog, Chumley, during the summer months) as often as we can swing it (i.e., whenever our girls ditch us for their friends!)

5. I picked up some of my favorite hobbies late - I’m a terrible-but-determined skier who didn’t start flying down mountains until the age of 42. I currently run half-marathons and aim to continue doing them ‘til I’m 85.

6. I balance out my healthy habits with a love of cheap red wine and a passion for baking super gushy chocolate cookies (that you would probably consider still dough)

7. My husband moved to 2nd place in my eyes the minute we adopted our dog, Chumley (4 years ago!). Thankfully, he has accepted the fact that I will always hug the dog before him whenever I enter the house.

Official Bio

(for media, podcasts, and speaking events):

Pretty Flower

Dara Goldberg is a Life Transitions Coach dedicated to helping women at all stages of the empty-nest transition weather the emotional rollercoaster of their kids leaving home, and use this pivotal period to rediscover their “remarkable” and create an exciting and meaningful next chapter for themselves. 

She’s passionate about helping women fire up their confidence and sense of self-worth, and about changing the conversation around mid-life “crises” and big life changes. 

Dara holds an MSW in Social Welfare Policy and Planning, spent over 15 years advising and raising millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations as a founding partner in a consulting firm, and has since helped thousands of women with life and career coaching since launching her own business in 2012. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, 2 step-daughters, 2 cats, and a super silly dog named Chumley.

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